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Does your house have molds?

Molds come in all shapes and sizes and can appear on all types of surfaces. There are some molds that are hidden and 'invisible' to our eyes and some that are right there as clear as day. But perhaps some molds are hiding behind a closet where it is out of your sight. To know if you have molds, here are some ways to find out!


Musty Odor

They usually produce a musty smell. Something like damp laundry sitting around for days, in fact the smell you are smelling from these damp clothes are the microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs) that molds produce as well.

Presence of Mold Mites/Booklice

If you see moving black specks on your walls. They may be insects that feed on moisture and molds. These bugs are a huge indicator of molds in the area.

Don't forget to check behind your closets, beds, storage shelves, areas where air flow is restricted and temperatures are low due to no sunlight. There may be some molds there! 

Discoloration and colored spots growing on your home surfaces

The most obvious symptom of mold growth are the molds themselves. But we often mistake these mold spots as dust or dirt stains that would eventually lead us into a situation where the mold growths have gotten too strong. Below are some pictures of the mold growths.

Mould growth on ceiling
Mold growth on ceiling
Mold growth on wall
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