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Our Mold Removal Service

What is mold remediation?

Essentially, mold remediation is the treatment of mold-related matters through a multi-step process that includes prevention of mold re-occurrence. After our remediation process, you can expect the molds that were treated to be wiped away for good! But of course, mold growth is multifactorial, we will educate and recommend solutions that you can do to mitigate mold re-growth.

The 3-Step Approach

The approach consists of Inspection, Remediation and Prevention. We start off by doing a site inspection, finding out where the molds are located at and potentially how they come about. The remediation process is as stated above, we will use a multi-step system to treat the affected areas, this would take up the bulk of the process after which your home would look fresh and clean with no mold stains. The final prevention step would give you some recommendations on how you can prevent mold from growing back.

Read below for our service procedure!

Mold Removal Containment

Protection of furniture and floorings

We prioritize and protect your furniture! We will help to shift your furniture, just make sure to keep the valuable and fragile objects away!

Clean air for mold remediation

Set up of HEPA Air Scrubber

HEPA air scrubbers are essential during mold remediation because they help remove mold spores and other airborne contaminants from the indoor environment. When mold is disturbed during removal, spores become airborne and can spread to other areas of the building. HEPA air scrubbers use high-efficiency filters to trap these tiny particles, preventing them from circulating through the air and potentially causing health problems.

Concrobium spraying for mold remediation

First coat of anti-microbial

Decontamination begins here! We mist and spray quality anti-microbials to kill mold cells and prevent them from spreading further.

Electrostatic fogging during mould treatment on walls and ceilings.jpg
Protection and Misting Process.jpg

Second coat of anti-microbial

Our second coat of anti-microbials are meant to act as a control buffer against new molds as well as increase the efficacy of the first coat. In-between the first and second coat, we will have a general wipedown of the surfaces as well.

Toilet ceiling after mould removal

Before & After

We end off with 2 coatings of high quality anti-mold paint for further protection of your homely walls & ceilings. Check out the image for a before and after job!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the service safe?

Our anti-microbials are non-toxic and eco-friendly. The mold proof paint we provide has very low odour that dissipates by the end of the day.

Do we need to leave the place when the mold remediation works are ongoing?

As the materials are non-toxic and eco-friendly, it is fine to stay in the same place. For example, if your room is being worked on, you can remain in another room. 


Is there a warranty?

We provide 2 years of warranty against mold regrowth!


How long is the process?

Depends on the area that requires works, an entirety of a 5-Room HDB flat takes roughly 2-3 days to complete. But a room ceiling would take only 2-3 hours!

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