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Providing mould removal services


Mouldy walls can cause health problems!

Mold Problems

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Water seepage?

No, it's Mold.

About Us

Here at The Mold Fix, we provide high quality and safe solutions to your moldy problems. From inspections to treatment and most importantly to prevention—we've got it all down. Check us out!

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Our 3-Step Approach

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  • Site inspection to find out the root causes of mold growth

  • Contain moldy areas using plastic sheets and air filters to prevent further spreading

  • Spray and wipe affected area with eco-friendly non-toxic anti-microbial disinfectant to biologically kill molds

  • Electrostatic fogging for anti-mold coating of affected area 

  • Seal off treated area with anti-mold paint to prevent mold re-growth

  • Learn about causes of mold growth

  • Recommendations to prevent mold re-growth 

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